Articolo di crocenera berlino sulla morte della compagna in francia - Inglese

With every passing day, a new article about the recent death of a comrade
in France appears in the bourgeois press. The story uncoils piece by piece.
We will keep on following the events, therefore keep an eye on our website,
as soon as any updates are available, they will be published there.
For the ones, who speak French, are not in prison and have access to
Internet, we recommend the website for the anarchist publication “Cette
Semaine”, (which is always worth reading). These
words were written around the 15th of May.

New antiterrorist investigations in France – death of a comrade, serious
injury of another

We have tried to write down these few thoughts but we find it extremely
difficult to express our feelings by words. However, we try it, especially
since these facts have not yet been made public.

At the beginning of May, we had to read sad news on a few French websites.
During the night of the 1st of May, one comrade, Zoe, 24 years old, died in
unclear circumstances while she was handling nitrium chlorate (a substance
which can be adopted in order to build explosive devices or smokebombs –
depending on how it is mixed).
Her friend, Mickäel, suffered serious injuries and is now in an artificial
coma in the intensive care department of Lyon Hospital, where he was
brought by a helicopter.
What will happen to him, in the case that he might wake again, is still
The cops are already waiting without patience in the hospital and the
vultures of the press are working to construct the figures of two
“terrorists, who probably belong to the anarcho-autonomous movement”.

At the time of the incident, both comrades were in an abandoned factory in
Cognin, which lies in the surroundings of Chambery. They have been
described by the press as “persons close to the libertarian milieu”. As
we had to read on the newspapers, Mickäel has been active in Switzerland
and was living in the squat “La Tour” in Geneva until its eviction in
2007. Zoe has also a history linked to squatting. Regarding Zoe, the
authorities complain that “(they) did not find anything but her
participation in a few political demonstrations”. On monday the 4th of
May, their living environment, the squat “Les Pilots” in Chambery (a
city close to Grenoble) was raided by 130 cops, antiterrorist units among
them, with a brief to “find any kind of evidence”.
The eleven people who found themselves in the squat at this moment have
been interrogated.
One of them, Raphael, was brought for a longer time to the police station.
In fact, one can be kept up to 144 hours (six days) under the anti-terror
law. Finally, he was transfered to prison after his interrogation by the
judge responsible. As per usual, the investigations are now centered around
“membership in an association of wrongdoers in contact with a terrorist
association” and “destruction of documents or objects which could have
a link to crimes or offences”.
Raphael is accused of destroying a few documents related to the explosion
in Cognin. Moreover, they suggest the squat “Les Pilots” should get
evicted, in order to restore the order in the city. Since then two other
squats have been raided and more people have been interrogated.
A quote from a communique' of the squat “Les Pilots”:”(...) There is
a big chance for this event to be utilised by the State, in order to build
further the “inner enemy”, the new “anarcho-autonomous cell”, now
so fashionable and a psychosis en vogue. This will lead to the application
of new security measures, especially now in regards to the upcoming
European elections (...).
Also for us, this story is not yet finished. Indeed, we are waiting for the
next GAV ("Gard a vue", when one is arrested and awaits to see the judge to
confirm or not the pretrial detention, can be up to 144 hours), we do not
know yet what they look for and what point they are ready to go.
It has been said, that they would look as well for an “older man” who
is suspected to have been there on that night in Cognin. (...).”
The magistrate who has the investigation in her hands is partly involved in
the investigations against the so called “Tarnac 9”.
Raphael has been transferred to the prison of Paris “La Sante” after he
came before the judge.
He sits now in the same wing as Julien Coupat, the last prisoner of the
“Tarnac 9”.
In Chambery, a support committee has been called together for Raphael and a
solidarity demonstration for him took place with the participation of 200

Up until this point these are the facts we are aware of.

In general, it remains quite difficult to understand what is going on in
France, since there have not been yet any texts translated into other
languages and it seems a certain “dormancy” surrounds the events.
We got the largest part of our information from the bourgeois press, a
thing we do not really like, since to us the words of our comrades are
clearly much more trustful.
Above all, we would wish to read more communiques which take a stand on the
death of a comrade and the serious injuries of another. In fact, most of
the texts published which we have been able to read (clearly this does not
mean that we read them all) declare “we are not terrorists” (a quote
from the “Les Pilots” squat) and concentrate on the attempted
criminalization of other comrades by the State and its anti-terror troops.
Certainly, we also declare the latter. It is important and necessary.
In fact, we do know who the real terrorists are and where they sit in all
commodity: police stations, tribunals, parliaments and so on.

We find it quite sad the fact that we have been able to find only a few
words spent on both comrades. Perhaps there remains little time to
concentrate on them, especially when the State wraps those with any links
to the two comrades immediately in repression. Surely, their closer
comrades must be in a state beyond “shock” and we can understand when
they do not feel like speaking a word in the public.

But what is with all the others? We are quite shocked by the death of a
comrade and the serious injuries to another, and we do not want to stay in
silence before this...
Here, from the distance, we find ourselves in a rather “privileged”
Therefore, with these words we do not aim to “condemn” the behavior of
the comrades there.
In fact, as we have already said, we know so little about the situation,
that we feel we can say very little about it, besides expressing some of
the emotional impressions produced by such an event.

Also, what one should not forget here, is that through a poor flux of
information stemming directly from the “scene”, which would involve the
usage of the existing autonomous medias, one makes the spreading of
information and ideas the responsibility of the bourgeois medias.
Such a monopoly will always be used in a way which will put us under a bad
and defamatory light, certain information will be left on the side and
false information filled in, in order to paint certain images before the
populace. Therefore it is necessary to use our own medias so that we, as
comrades, are not forced to be dependent on the bourgeois press.

Do we know the comrades?
Probably not, but that is not the question here. Surely, it could be that
we have met somewhere on the barricades in Europe during the years, or
simply while eating at a popular kitchen at some no border camp, who knows.
For us is of even less interest to know what both of them did that night
and what they were planning. In fact, our solidarity or sorrow will not
change in regards to this.
Like in the same way our bond with people who struggle against State and
Capital will not change.
We hope that people will not let themselves be frightened by the difficulty
of the events and that we will be able to organise together the support for
the other comrade, who lies right now in hospital, in the hands of the
cops, and also to effectively fight back any act of repression which could
take place any time soon.
Clearly, the authorities will not loose such an event from their field of
vision and will keep on trying to push us into a “defensive” position
by new investigations.

Let us show them, that our revolt is unstoppable and that we are able to
organise a new attack against the existent, despite being pushed in a
defensive position.
As we have often done in the past.

The best way to mourn Zoe and support Mickäel remain the furthering of the
struggle against the present conditions. We are not able to write down
more, since one can not really express the sadness of the event by words or
combatant slogans.

In mourning for Zoe,
Our thoughts are with Mickäel and all those who mourn with us,
Solidarity to Raphael
Solidarity to all prisoners

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